Changes to this Website are listed here.

09/03/2017: Currently ironing out any bugs on this website.
Uploading more tracks including some really early experimental music.
Working on a Google + page with media content all over the world.
A new section has been added so you can download all 9/11 music tracks.
Covers designed for Synth albums you can Download as a RAR files.
A new nine track album ( Quantum Noise) is in progress.
A new Classical / Ambient album ( Serenade ) sometime later On.
The Artscape gallery is nearly finished, more pictures need to be photographed.
My cat: Schroedinger had 2 kittens on 21/05/2010. See production page.
Placed adverts for UK Cheapest web hosting services, excellent rates.
Added a link for Paypal donations of any amount.
Place a link to Soundcloud.
Linked to Facebook which automatically adds new tracks to Facebook.
02/02/2016 - All Synth music online and Artscape soundscapes.